Knowledge Skills and Experience

  • Experienced leader who manages with a flexible and mature leadership style.
  • Master team-builder, fosters cooperation through extremely effective people skills and technical competence while developing innovative options in high stress environments.
  • Technical skills and interests ideal for leading software development teams.
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  • Degree - Bachelor of Engineering (Computer) - Royal Military College
  • Diploma - Web Designer - Academy of Learning

  • Exquisitely organized, possessing expert communications skills
  • Continuous Improvement - Quality Control and Change Management Training and Experience
  • Board of Directors and Committee Experience
  • Project Management Training and Experience
  • Numerous Management related Certificates
  • Experience and Certificates in Various Programming Environments
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research Training and Experience
  • 2014-2016 Student - Web Developer Academy of Learning
  • 2013-2014 Staff Officer Individual Training and Education Policy Canadian Defence Academy (CDA) Kingston ON
  • 2011–2013 Staff Officer Program Evaluation and Validation CDA Kingston ON
  • 2008–2011 Research Officer CDA Kingston ON
  • 2007–2008 Staff Officer Professional Development Analyst CDA Kingston ON
  • 2007 Intelligence Analyst and Assessments Joint Intelligence Centre Afghanistan
  • 2006–2007 J4 Infrastructure and Environment, Formation General Safety Officer, Formation Radiation Safety Officer CDA Kingston ON
  • 2003-2006 Officer Commanding Support Squadron Canadian Forces School of Communications and Electronics (CFSCE) Kingston ON
  • 2003 Officer Commanding Standards Squadron CFSCE Kingston ON
  • 2000-2003 Officer Commanding G (Technical Training) Squadron CFSCE Kingston ON
  • 1997-2000 Deputy Commanding Officer 8 Telecommunications and Information Services Squadron Trenton ON
  • 1994-1997 Section Head-Programmer/Analyst NATO Airborne Early Warning Force Geilenkirchen Germany
  • 1993-1994 Engineering Officer Canadian Forces Station Leitrim ON
  • 1990-1992 Communications Officer Canadian Forces Station Shelburne NS
  • 1989-1990 Instructor Canadian Forces School of Communications and Electronics
  • 1987-1989 Student - Computer Engineering at Royal Military College of Canada Kingston
  • 1984-1987 Student - Science and Technology at Collège Militaire Royal St-Jean
  • 1977-1984 Communicator Research Across Canada and at Sea
  • Head Coach Alternate Dispute Resolution Centre (Kingston ON)2003-2010
  • Logistics Officer Executive Committee –Connect with Kingston Garrison Expo 2007 (Kingston ON)2006-2007
  • Secretary/Treasurer Advanced Technical Education Consortium (Kingston ON)2000-2003
  • Cub scout leader Scouts Canada (Trenton ON)1997-1998
  • Coach Soccer, T-ball International Youth Association (Geilenkirchen Germany)1994-1997
  • Editor in chief Maple Leaf Messenger (Geilenkirchen Germany)1995-1997
  • Comms Instructor 2951 Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa Cadet Corps(Gloucester ON)1993-1994
  • Co-editor Roseway Gazette (Shelburne NS)1990-1992
  • Secretary/Treasurer Community Council (Shelburne NS)1990-1992
  • Member Lions Club of Canada (Masset BC)


  • Total Quality Management in Software Development (view)
  • Software Quality Assurance for Practitioners (view)
  • Capability Maturity Model (DISA USA) (view)
  • Accelerating Change in Software Process Improvement (DISA) (view)
  • Certified Knowledge Manager (KMCB) (view)
  • Lessons Learned Analyst
  • Training Manager (view)
  • Workforce Management
  • Interest Based Communication and Dispute Negotiations (view)
  • Conflict Management and Alternate Dispute Resolution (view)
  • Conflict Management for Leaders (view)
  • Standard for Harassment and Racism Prevention (view)
  • Contracting for Services Certification (view)
  • Expenditure Management
  • Financial Administration Act
  • Business Process Management (APQC) (view)
  • Site Security Officer (NATO) (view)
  • Information Security (CSEC) (view)


  • IBM 370 Familiarization (NATO) (view)
  • Job Control Language (NATO) (view)
  • AWACS Systems Overview (NATO) (view)
  • Utility Course (NATO) (view)
  • Airborne Operations Computer Programming (NATO) (view)
  • Advanced TSO/ISPF (view)
  • 4PI Assembler Language (view)
  • AWACS Switch Actions (view)
  • ANSI C Language Programming (view)
  • JOVIAL Programming (view)
  • Automating your SAS Code with SAS Macro Language (SAS UK) (view)
  • Data Manipulation with the SAS System (SAS UK) (view)
  • Further Data Manipulation and Efficiency Techniques (SAS UK) (view)
  • JOIIS User Training (Police/Intelligence system) (view)
  • Introduction to Access (Loyalist college) (view)
  • Intermediate Access (Loyalist college) (view)
  • Microsoft Excel Level II (view)
  • Microsoft Project (view)
  • Time Line 4.0 (view)


  • Information Mapping (view)
  • Introduction to SPSS (view)
  • SPSS Text Analysis (view)
  • Introduction to E-Listen (view)
  • Developing Satisfaction Surveys (Statistics Canada) (view)
  • Telling Stories with Statistics (Statistics Canada) (view)
  • Environmental Awareness Training (view)


  • Certified Radiation Safety Officer (Radiation Safety Institute) (view)
  • Occupational Health and Safety certificate (Humber college) (view)
  • Return to Work Awareness (view)
  • Safety Legislation (view)
  • Safety Management (view)


  • Contingency Capability Ground Commander’s Course (view)
  • Supplementary Radio System Operations Officer (view)
  • In Service of Peace: Military Operations in Modern Peacekeeping(C44 Pearson Peacekeeping Centre) (view)
  • Disarmament, Demobilization and Re-Integration (Pearson Peacekeeping Centre) (view)
  • Presiding Officer (view)
  • Air Force Staff Course (view)
  • Allied Command Europe Nuclear Biological Chemical Defence (Oberammergau, Germany) (view)
  • Nuclear Biological Specialist (Geilenkirchen, Germany) (view)
  • Maritime Warfare (view)
  • Air Operations Command Control and Information Systems (view)
  • Joint Command Control Information Systems (view)
  • Space Applications (view)
  • Basic Space Ops Advisor (view)
  • Range Safety Officer (view)
  • Electronic Warfare (view)
  • St.John Ambulance Standard First Aid – Level C CPR with AED

Personnel Management

  • 14 years experience in top leadership positions commanding personnel from 6 member teams to a Squadron in excess of 70 military personnel, 32 contract personnel and an average of 300 students
  • Diligently ran the day to day operations of a 140 person unit
  • Fostered a team environment drawing on individual expertise and promoting personnel development
  • Instilled a calming effect under the most stressful situations, innate ability to deescalate conflict
  • Created a standing executive software working group to identify and develop meaningful software enhancements that addressed the users’ needs
  • Accomplished speaker having prepared and dynamically delivered hundreds of presentations to audiences ranging from parade spectators, junior personnel, senior officers, government dignitaries
  • Extensive writing experience preparing everything from strategic policies to section estimates including having written and published 4 applied research papers and dozens of Validation Reports as a team effort

Planning Organization Innovation Improvement

  • Breached paradigms and orchestrated innovative actions to accomplish previously unattainable goals
  • Ingeniously tackled technician training shortfall through detailed system analysis leading to contracting out instruction, hiring civilian instructors and restructuring training delivery to maximize available resources
  • Transformed organization’s inter-departmental communications through the development, maintenance and instruction on various platforms (SharePoint, GCPedia/Wiki, COPS)
  • Meticulously oversaw numerous legislated programs such as Occupational Health and Safety, Radiation Safety, Environment, Knowledge Management

Project Management

  • Managed a complex mission simulator secure terminal installation project
  • Analyzed, identified, designed and acquired deployed telecommunications requirements and engineered the first deployable telecommunications pod of its kind to support a deployed airfield
  • Designed, planned, resourced, implemented and tested a new wide area fibre network installation
  • Diligently identified, planned, directed and followed up on corrective infrastructure safety deficiencies for 9 large buildings
  • Orchestrated, through all phases, a major complex Station telephone system upgrade and 2 major cable plant upgrades
  • Meticulously oversaw the implementation of a complex contract for 27 civilian instructors worth $1.8M/year
  • Analyzed and implemented the amalgamation of Air Force technical training saving over $100k per serial

Financial Management

  • Vast experience in creating accurate and manageable Business Plans
  • Expert financial management skills saw expenditures of the $2.5M operating budget within $1k by fiscal year end

Technical Expertise

  • 4 years experience with NATO as a programmer/analyst for the AWACS computer operating system using IBM360 based technology programming extensively in assembler as well as Jovial, FORTRAN, C, using JCL for software build operations
  • Since 1997 have constructed a web server, diligently created web sites and more recently taking advantage of server sided scripting (php & AJAX), Java and HTML
  • Successfully designed and delivered a structured programming course using PASCAL
  • Developed needed software test tools - conceived and implemented a software error tracking system
  • Designed and built an intuitive organizational SharePoint site for policy collaboration and development
  • Significantly reduced Station telephone expenditures through programming the telephone switch for auto route selection
  • Proficient on Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook)
  • Subscriber to Adobe CC (Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Acrobat, Flash, etc)

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