Hi, I’m Ray Idzenga and welcome to the Play Bass blog. I’ve been involved with music my entire life: started playing piano aged 5, moving to guitar and playing bass professionally with several bands over the years. I intend to share content and ideas surrounding playing bass in hopes of inspiring and assisting musicians.

“The bass guitar is only 50 years old or so. There are many things to be discovered. Practice a lot and always keep an open mind.” – Andrew Pouska

This blog shares ideas, concepts and demonstrations to help develop bass players. You can look forward to regular submissions of articles, lessons and videos; all designed to help bassists grow.

Articles and demonstrations on bass techniques may have some theory but is intended to be fun. Normally, bass players are looking for specific songs so I’ll provide some bass covers to share how some artists approach different songs. The end result is entertainment, hence I’ll share some performances and opinions on bass equipment to get that bass sound out there.